Rodeo & Equestrian Insurance Products from Western Specialty InsurorsThe sport of Rodeo and the American Cowboy are symbols of the true American culture and are defined by hard work, dedication, and a never-quit attitude. The staff at WSI embraces the challenges of protecting Rodeo, the Cowboy, and the Western Lifestyle and approaches these tasks with a true “Cowboy–Up” mentality.

WSI recognizes the nature of Rodeo & Equestrian exposures do not appeal to a broad range of companies in the Insurance Industry. Therefore it has been our challenge and responsibility to serve as the conduit between the Rodeo/Cowboy culture and the Insurance Industry. We work with only A-Rated Insurance Carriers that truly recognize the importance of Rodeo and the American Cowboy. We provide insurance solutions for Venues/Expositions, Associations, Rodeo Committees, Special Events, Parades, Equestrian/Timed-Event competitions, Volunteer Workers, Rodeo/Equine Participants, and the Horse you rode in on!

With a comprehensive list of coverage solutions, WSI can tailor a program to fit the specific needs of your organization or event.

Spectator Liability — Rodeo & Equine Events

Liability protection for Bodily Injury or Property Damage claims from spectators at your Rodeo/Equine Event.


Year-Round Premises Liability and Spectator liability for scheduled events. Additional coverage available for Commercial Property, Equipment, Business Auto, Crime Coverage.

Volunteer Accident Insurance

Accident Excess Medical and Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage for Volunteers working on behalf of the Policyholder. Coverage available per-event or annually.

Contestant Accident Insurance

Accident Excess Medical and Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage for Athletic Participants provided on a per-event or Association basis.

Directors & Officers Liability

Coverage for Liability imposed for claims of alleged “wrongful acts” committed by an Association or Committee, typically with regard to rulebook/bylaw interpretation or decisions made by the Board of Directors.

Prize Indemnification/Contingency

Coverage provided to reimburse the policyholder for cash prizes awarded to members of the public for “games of chance” promotions.

Rain/Weather/Event Cancellation

Rain insurance provides protection against a specific amount of rain during a specific time period. A pre-determined benefit sum is paid if the terms of the policy are met.
Event Cancellation Insurance provides coverage to reimburse unrecoverable expenses and lost revenues due to necessary cancellation or postponement of an event for multiple perils (catastrophic weather, Terrorism, Non-Appearance, Civil Authority, Communicable Disease, Structural Collapse, etc.).